Does the latest Linux kernel bug require users' attention?

I came across this critical Linux kernel bug and was wondering if it affects Qubes users using kernel-latest, since affected kernels range from 5.10 to 5.15.

afaik, qubes not even using 5.x kernel

Don’t mean to be rude, but you might want to do basic fact-checking before making claims. I’m not the best judge, but the noise-to-signal ratio feels like it’s been rising an awful lot lately.

I can confirm that Qubes 4.1 uses 5.10.71 on the testing branch.
The command to confirm (in dom0) is dnf list | grep "kernel"

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The bug should not affect most users since the feature has to be enabled (defaults to off) and a fix has been released. If, however, you enabled this feature, you might (?) be compromised (not entirely sure tbh). An attacker could also have enabled the feature as a backdoor, so you might want to check if it’s off (if you haven’t manually enabled it for some reason)

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R4.0.4 dom0 seems to use kernel 5.4 by default. The updated VM kernel (not latest) also seems to be 5.4.

I started this thread because the feature mentioned seems like something that would be enabled for intra-Qubes communication (not technical; don’t know).


i’m already checked it two time now
but it sound like i’ve just pickup wrong info here

Okay–how did you check, what did you check, and when?

run command in dom0 and check online

one a week ago

Unless you specifically installed kernel-419 calling uname -r on a fully updated R4.0.4 should return 5.4.143-1

The respective release notes equally call out Linux kernel 5.4 by default


this is what i actually found online

Kernel 4.9.x