Does the copy-paste from the UI uses rsync?

When you run a copy-paste from the UI, does it use rsync between files on the filesystem/NFS?

Not sure I understand the question. If you are talking about ctrl+shift+c, it only works for text and does not use rsync. If you are talking about a standard copy-paste inside the VMs, it’s done in the same way as in your Linux distro.

Thanks for the reply, I mean copy-paste a file with the UI (CTRL+C CTRL+V), compared to the rsync command.

In this case it’s more of a linux-specific question (regular AppVMs run linux). You may have some luck searching on linux specific forums.

I am not too informed on this, but I would say a UI copy/paste is like a cp command. So not as sophisticated as rsync.

GUI copy-paste is not rsync: neither is cp