Does Qubes work well on an external SSD?

I wanted to install Qubes OS and got an SanDisk Extreme Pro external SSD for it. But every time i tried to install it the mouse and the screen were lagging. I plugged the drive in a USB 3.1 port (the red one). I have SVM and IOMMU activated in UEFI and run Qubes on a really High End machine. Does Qubes run well on an external SSD with these Specs? Furthermore is it possible to set up sys-usb properly while using on an external SSD? Lastly, only one of my external Screens connected via DP is recognised by Qubes. The other one isn’t recognised at all and has no input. If I change the ports of the screens, the other one is recognised. It is always the one where the UEFI Logo appears at Boot.

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Since V4.0, I often run Qubes on an external SSD (SAMSUNG EVO 850) without problems. Using sys-usb, however, is not possible (or would at least be extremely tricky), since sys-usb would be needed to access the system disk - but at boot time, there is no sys-usb yet - the cat is biting in its own tail.


Thank you very much for your fast reply! I am relieved that the external SSD isn‘t the problem.

If you have multiple USB controllers then you can leave the USB controller with your USB drive to dom0 and attach all other controllers to sys-usb.