Does Qubes meet the GNU FSDG?

I agree - but the FSF view is that the microcode shipped with the CPU
is part of the hardware, whereas updates are software. I think this is

Purism had a neat way to sidestep the FSF constraints, (made with the
full knowledge of the FSF) - they shipped microcode updates in a second
chip, and because of this separation, that was all ok™.
Does this make sense to you? Any of it?

What I find most egregious is that the libre movement actively
restricted user’s knowledge about the situation, so they cannot have
informed consent. Again, I think this is nonsense.

I’ve just built a trisquel template, if any one wants it. I’ll upload it
to after some testing.
(It still wont be Free, because of Fedora dom0, and the microcode issue.)

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Yes, that is revolting.