Does qubes encrypt user folder

Hi all i want to use qubes as daily driver but the issue is my work and casual stuff will be seperated.I mean when i do casual stuff i dont want my work qubes to be accesible or decrypted.

Does qubes encrypts home folder so i can create 2 users ? Like any other linux distro

I guess this is an answer to your question.

Also, I’ve learned that the one who’s in dom0 can do anything.

Your “casual” virtual machine will be isolated from the “work” one and they will not have any access to one another. This is the main point in using Qubes OS. It’s not achieved by encryption but by hardware virtualization.

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Qubes OS uses LUKS full-disk encryption, so all user data is encrypted. However, there is no additional encryption inside of individual VMs by default. You can do so yourself, if you wish, but it is not necessary from a security perspective for most users. Have a look at this issue for more information:

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