Does each qube has it's own unique IP address?

Hello, I was wondering if each VM in QubesOS has it’s own MAC address and subsequently it’s own IP address and if so how can I check the MAC as well as the IP address of my current VM? I just wanted to know can a website owner tell that two connection requests are from the same laptop(where I have QubesOS installed on) by just looking at the personal identifiers such as ip address and so on?

You can use commands ifconfig or ip a in the qube.

Externally all connections have the same IP address as sys-net, but internally each qube has its own IP address.

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Hello, thank you for you answer. May you please elaborate “Externally all connections have the same IP address as sys-net, but internally each qube has its own IP address.”?

All your qubes are virtual hosts with virtual network interfaces that share a virtual network, sys-net has the physical network interface.

The outside world can only see the physical network interface, to everyone else you are just a single computer.


You can think of sys-net like a router. It has WAN port which will have IP address assigned by your WiFi AP, router, provider etc. (depending on how you connect) and LAN ports to which Qubes are “connected”, those, in turn, will have internal IP addresses.

You can google a bit about NAT, routing.

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How can I configure it such that each vm looks like it is it’s own separate laptop to a website that I am visiting? And not like a different browser from the same computer

you would need to use some sort of proxy server (but that proxy will know your IP).
easiest way is to use sys-whonix as netVM that way you will route all traffic via Tor.

in conclusion, no Qubes doesn’t act like vpn or tor. yes it can change ip but it can’t
change your home router ip, which all your internet traffic has to go through.
(please correct me if im wrong)

I will - it’s too simple an answer. Qubes provides a framework for networking.
In default it doesn’t provide VPN or Tor,although you can choose to use a
Tor proxy like Whonix.
But it is straightforward to add (multiple) VPN or Tor gateways. You can
also have multiple exit points -perhaps WiFi connected to a burner phone
as well as Wired connections, with different qubes connected to different
egress methods.

Look at this seminal post for ideas.

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yeah… i shoud’ve not simplified it that much.
thanks for the correction!

Since I didn’t see it mentioned here, I’ll just point out that you can easily see the internal IP address of each qube in the Qube Manager (View → IP).

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