Does anybody here have a `qvm-forward-iptables` script that works with fedora-36?

I use a qvm-forward-iptables script to forward ports. There are several floating around github. However I cannot find one that works with Fedora 36, only 34. Apparently they removed iptables and a few other commands. Because of this both my sys-net and sys-firewall are stuck on an unsupported OS. Do any of you have a more modern script or an alternate easy method of forwarding ports? Thanks in advance

using mullvadvpn port forward is the easiest solution i think.

Not sure about Fedora 36, but iptables is available from a fresh Fedora 37 template:

user@disp2068 ~]$ sudo iptables
iptables v1.8.8 (nf_tables): no command specified
Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.

This is never a good idea.
I have a script here, that will
forward ports whether iptables or nftables are in operation, and
regardless of the level of Qubes networking, (e.g qube->fw->sys-firewall->sys-net).
It may suit your needs.

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