Do VMs have different fingerprints depending on the machine used?

If I am using a VM on one laptop, and then I restore a backup of that VM on another laptop, will they have identical fingerprints?

Do Qubes users have identical or different fingerprints if they use the exact same VM?

For instance if someone is using Firefox in Debian 12 on one laptop, then uses the same Debian 12 Firefox on another laptop, will there be different canvas fingerprints or will those be exactly the same because of virtualization?

Virtualization is not hiding you CPU model, so the fingerprint can be different.

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Are CPU models very unique?

If two laptops had an i3 processor, would the fingerprint look identical?

There are tens of different i3 models. If you’ll have the same exact model then the CPU information in the fingerprint will be the same, but I’m not sure that your whole fingerprint will be the same.