Do I need the main template when using minimal templates?

Not sure how to word this, nor do I know if this is the right place to post this, but I’ll get into it.

I downloaded the Fedora 36 minimal template and not the Fedora 36 main template, and after a few days of having it on my system I realize there’s no updates for it. This goes the same for my Debian minimal template, which doesn’t pop up in the Qubes Update Manager, but the Debian main template does.

This brings me the question of should I download the Fedora 36 main template, and if so, would the main templates also update the minimal templates?

There may not be. The minimal templates initially have less software to update. You can check for them in the “Qubes Update” utility by selecting the “Enable updates for qubes without known available updates” checkbox and selecting the minimal templates.

Are you sure the full Fedora template was not already included in the installation? The service qubes such as sys-net are by default based on the full templates. It would be listed in the “Qubes Manager” utility, perhaps as ‘fedora-36’ as a template.

No. Each template updates itself.
Within the “Qubes Manager” utility is a list of every qube. Each of the black “TemplateVMs” updates itself independent of the other templates.

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