Do I absolutely need 2 GPUs for AppVMs?

Sorry if my grammar is bad and if this is a stupid question/something that was already covered in the documentation.

I’ve been having trouble with a GPU that is apparently supported (RX580) on a CPU that doesn’t have integrated graphics. I can run dom0 just fine, but whenever I try to run an AppVM, I’ll not be able to connect to the qrexec agent. I read the xen log, which made some comments about the GPU, making me realize that I forgot to attach the GPU (the same RX580 I was using for dom0). However, whenever I attached the device that was/might have been the GPU, my PC crashes and reboots.

I used a laptop with an Intel 7200U (HD Graphics 620), which I think came with an unsupported NVIDIA graphics card, and I could’ve sworn I ran all of my VMs (including dom0) with the former iGPU.

I’m on the verge of quitting Qubes due to my incompetency with these hardware-related issues, which makes me hesitant to use computers at all because of all the tracking, ads, big-tech products that are actually spyware, etc., so I’d really appreciate input.

No you don’t. It would help to paste here exact content of the logs. It is highly possible that the error doesn’t have to do anything with GPU. Try to describe your system, your VMs, etc…

you can also run journalctl -f in dom0 and then trying to start VM, following what happens with the log. Any error you could paste here.

This is exactly why I don’t consider to use anything else than Qubes no matter what obstacles are. And the alternative of not using computers is simply no-go for me. For a year I used to use in parallel two computers: one learning Qubes, and the other one using VirtualBox VMs exclusively - no online from host.


Thanks for trying to help. I rebooted a couple of times and retried and everything worked fine, if not quite slowly, which isn’t much of a surprise because I stripped the said qube of many resources. That might have been the problem. Sorry for wasting your time with this question. I didn’t have a clear mind while I was writing this post and was kind of sad as well…

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