Disposable Debian-minimal sys-audio

I have recently noticed that I cannot attach my built-in microphone using my debian-minimal-based sys-audio setup. I experience the same error message described in this post whenever I try to attach the microphone to any AppVM:

Error Attaching device Microphone to AppVM failed. Error: QubesVMError - Failed to attach audio input from dom0 to AppVM : pulseaudio agent is not running.

I think that I forgot to test the microphone after setting up this disposable sys-audio, since I do not use the microphone often, and so I think that there must be some extra step.

Is there anyone that can be of assistance here? Anyone with a Librem 14 setting up a similar sys-audio?

The extra step is installing socat in the debian template, if it still doesn’t work let me know, I’ll try to assist you.