Display not updating untill mouse movement

I have run into a weird issue with both 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 where text in both appvm(web browser and terminal) and in dom0 does not display until the mouse is moved on a dell latitude 741. For example I can type something in a web browser search bar but the screen does not reflect that and shows a blank search bar until I move the mouse and then it just pops in.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @negativefeedback,

Idea 1: could it be a GPU driver issue/problem? Search for similar issues with your GPU and same kernel version.

Idea 2: try some changes in your XFCE settings (Q menu / System Tools / Window Manager Tweaks and Window Manager).

I have Thinkpad T14 and I’m using Qubes 4.0.3. I’m facing the same issue.

Might be worth checking for / filling a new bug report

I have not solved this BUT it seems to work as intended in 4.1 alpha so if that helps would love to get going on it as well!

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