Disabling Tor for an existing VM

Very new user here. I’m hoping to disable Tor for a specific VM that already exists. Is it simply changing the networking to sys-net?

Thanks in advance.

The default networking qube is sys-firewall, so you should change to that. sys-net is a qube which has physical networking devices attached, so don’t use that.

I’d set sys-firewall to keep a VM between sys-net and your AppVM but yes that’s it.
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Thanks again for the help. I just checked my IP from the default personal qube and realized I’m not going through Tor. I think I’m fundementally not understanding how Tor is used in Qubes. Is there an area where I can see information about how Tor is used?

Is Tor only enabled for a VM if sys-whonix is leveraged?

For a qube’s traffic to go through Tor its networking qube has to be set to sys-whonix. The only qubes that have this set as default are anon-whonix and any disposable qubes from whonix-ws-16-dvm. Bear in mind that all Tor traffic coming from a qube will go through the same circuit, making identity correlation a real possibility. Separate qubes are stream-isolated. Stream-isolating is also provided by the Whonix workstation templates for Tor Browser and some other applications.


@5q8n67f2gvf Fantastic! Thanks for that clarity. Sorry for the basic questions. Tor is a low need for me right now, but it’s nice to know how it fundementally works in QubeOS so I can properly use it.

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Also, if you opted to route updates through Tor at installation, then that’ll happen even though templates don’t have net qubes.