Disabling Applications in TBVMs

Qubes became my daily driver only in recent months. As expected for a newbie, I started to use it with the default set, very carefully, step by step and it went pretty far, so far.
At this point of a learning curve I realized/learned that it would be desirable to use minimals for templates, so I will start to prepare them and to switch to them at some point.

Since I can’t afford not to use computer until it is set on minimals, the only way i can think of as a transitional period is to find a way to disable applications installed in default templates for the tbvms, based on their purpose, in order to reduce attack surface until I switch to minimals.

Now, I realize that applications aren’t the only ones that vms are endangered of, but also by the libraries (and by them templates especially), but I have no choice at the moment except to try to reduce the risk as much as possible.

So, is there a way to disable ungoogled chromium installed in tvm for my offline tbvm qubes, for example?

BTW, wouldn’t be great if we could do this by simply choosing applications in the correspondent Qube Settings tab (instead only them to appear/disappear from the Application menu), and behind the click some smart dwarfs resolve dependencies in the same smart way, and disable all unneeded libraries as well… :innocent:

I’m afraid you have to create a separate template without Chromium for that (simply clone and uninstall).