Disable the cursor in my win10 hvm

Good morning everyone,
So I want to disable the cursor in my win10 hvm.
I am following this process…

Towards the bottom of this page it speaks about
“Disable cursor in the VM. Useful for integration with Qubes desktop so you don’t see two cursors”

But I don’t see where to add this “regedit” in my win10hvm to incorporate the DWORD.

Can someone help out?

Ok, I was looking at the wrong page…Here’s the right page

I add DWORD to this path…
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Invisible Things Lab\Qubes Tools
named it DisablbeCursor
set it to 1
shut down and powered back up and my cursor is still there in WIn10.When I leave my WIn10 hvm the cursor right on the edge.
Am I missing something?