Disable browser notifications (aka Live Notifications)

I’ve checked in my forum profile, there is only the possibility to -enable- “Live Notifications”, but not to disable them.
As currently “not enabled” does not mean “disabled” but rather “prompt user”, is there another way without touching the browser config ?

What they mean by browser config, just just a simple toggle. It should be relatively easy. On firefox I click on the icons right next to the https :lock: and then clicking on Blocked :x: to reset the notifications permission.

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Thanks for your answer, but the “per-browser profile” solution is only a workaround for me, for various reasons.

Can’t the forum soft provide all the obvious choices ? Like :

  • Enabled
  • Disabled
  • Prompt

I mean, are choices configurable by forum admins or is it “like that” and you can’t do anything about it ?