Difficulty with Networking Within Qubes / PfSense Qube

I’m having difficulty trying to figure out and understand how the networking within qubes works. I am trying to setup a pfSense Qube as a Firewall. I have read the guides and tutorials of other users about networking and one about setting up a successful pfSense Qube and I am stuck. I am able to create the pfSense Qube and I follow the installation instructions but I cant get the networking to work. My confusion is probably due to my lack of expertise in networking even outside of Qubes OS.

The sys-firewall qube to me right now in my mind doesnt actually do anything on my setup because to me it seems like if I want to set it up properly I have to go in and manually find the IP address range of every single website I might use and manually allow that IP address and then use a default deny on every single other website and it just seems like a whole lot more work than it is worth for my level of knowledge and my own risk threshold. I don’t have top secret intelligence nor am I a corporate espionage spy nor a wikileaks investigator. I’d rather use a program like pfSense which has a good reputation and I can integrate something like Suricata with it to have a decent protection setup for a general day to day use and just update it regularly and I will be fine. I’d also like to be able to setup my VPN that I use but as a generic user it just seems like a really daunting task as everything just seems like it’s very complicated to do having come from using MacOS and Windows 10/11.

Has anyone recently setup a pfSense Qube successfully that might be able to help me?