Difficulty updating disposable whonix qube

I am having difficulty updating disposable whonix qubes vmApp. It is based on whonix-ws-15. I go into the Qube Manager and update the ws-15 template and restart it. Now I have no issues getting a non-disposable whonix qubes’ update to be persistent. However with a disposable one every time I start it, the green arrow shows up on the upper right corner downloading an update.

Try starting the the whonix-ws-15 Template and running the application Tor Browser Downloader (AnonDist).

Select the Torbbrowser version you want to download and confirm it.

Wait for the download to complete.

Once downloaded, confirm the signature etc. install and close the app.

Shutdown the whonix-ws-15 Template.


Thanks. I should have known.

Don’t blame yourself. The Tor Browser update process goes against any typical workflow for installing software one might have.

Not being distributed as a debian (on which whonix is based) package has really made the whole process difficult for users.

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