"Device or resource busy" warnings upon QubesOS shutdown

[FAILED] Failed unmounting mount xenstore file system.

and on the bottom of the screen, reads:

watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!
dracut Warning: Killing all remaining processes
dracut Warning: Cannot umount /oldroot

These :point_up_2: errors I get always upon power-off or restart.

Here, we got many Device or resource busy, failure messages.

These :point_up_2: I get “sometimes” upon restarting the QubesOS.

What do these errors mean? Have I screwed up something in my system?
I am using default disk-partition types (NOT btrfs, just LVM, the default ones).
The only “tweak” I did was following the TRIM guide.

Bump. Anyone have any ideas?

I have the same on a Intel laptop with a secondary Nvidia GPU. Couldn’t find verry much about it, only this on the Archlinux forum: "Failed to unmount /oldroot/..." when shutting down / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums
My guess is I’ll have to wait until Qubes4 upgrades to a more recent Fedora version. Fedora32 is too old to get this more recent GPU working with Nvidia drivers. Nouveau is no good on fc32. Had to install kernel-latest to get the other hardware working too, but this second Nvidia GPU remains a problem.