Development build - Graphics

For people actively testing the developpement build of R4.2, do you have graphical instabilities and crash in dom0 ?

Tested with a amd and nvidia card, with the nvidia card I don’t even reach lightdm, and with the amd one, sometime it work, sometime I have graphical artifact in lightdm before it crash and restart the lightdm process.
The funny part is:

  • In dom0, starting lightdm will most of the time result in a crash
    Once you started your desktop environment:
  • Never any issue with graphical things for non-dom0 qubes
  • In dom0, starting xterm never crash or have any kind of issues
  • In dom0, starting xfce terminal ( or gnome terminal if you install it) will always result in a crash of the whole graphical interface and you go back to lightdm ( with crash )

Haven’t tried to debug it yet. Will try to debug that at some point but now now ( Pretty confident it is a bug in one of the qubes component, that somehow impact the graphical drivers )

I just wanted to known if others testers have that kind of issue too :slight_smile:

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have been use testing 4.2 for about some week as my daily use.

you need to disable security testing in dom0
change qubes template repo to testing.
and everything is good as 4.1.1, no issue i found until now.

I also use gnome terminal and gdm as dom0.

Ok, thanks, so I confirm a regression regarding graphical drivers that is probably hardware specific.
( issue with Ryzen 7000+ IGPU and issue with recent nvidia ). Will try to find a solution in the following weeks, irl stuff taking much more time than expected

My bad, it was an issue with recent asus bios, the default behavior regarding cpu voltage is unstable and lead to this issue.
Manually defining the CPU voltage fix the issue