Desktop Customization (xfce)

I’m all for hacks being discussed in the forum, but please keep GUI customization out of the main website. Linux GUIs are the source of endless bikeshedding.

It’s already out. Notice the documentation links about customization now redirect to the community external documentation

Reason for that:

Yeah that’s fine, community docs are designed to house stuff that doesn’t make the cut in terms of quality.

Not at all (sometimes that is the case because there isn’t someone full time like @adw to maintain them. It’s all volunteer run, but the difference is basically:

The main difference between core (or official) and external (or community or unofficial) documentation is whether it documents software that is officially written and maintained by the Qubes OS Project. The purpose of this distinction is to keep the core docs maintainable and high-quality by limiting them to the software output by the Qubes OS Project.

Taken from here: Core vs. external documentation

Anyways. This just to mention that yes, how do customize Qubes aesthetics-wise belongs to the Qubes Community Docs.

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Hello! Customization of my workspace is important for me, so I’m glad of discover this topic. In the past distros that I’ve used, for put in the tray softwares without the option (e.g., thunderbird, zotero, signal) I usually employed kdocker that works perfectly, at least in KDE distro.

Now on Qubes, obviously it doesn’t work installing it in a TemplateVM, but install anything in dom0 open same old concerns.
In your opinion, There’s a similar way to minimize in tray any software’s windows here? Install a similar program on dom0 may lead to issue and lack of security? There’s an XFCE alternative, as I’m running this environment now?

I apologize if it’s a yet discussed topic. Thanks in advance!

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Cute cube icons included in 4.1 release. I want to change icons in a 4.0.4 release. Is there any file to install and copy it to the images in dom0 domain or do I have to configure it differently?

I noticed you can right click on a downloaded wallpaper in a disposable vm and select “convert to trusted”, once this is done can anyone confirm if it is safe to copy the trusted image to dom0?

I noticed you can right click on a download wallpaper in a disposable van and select convert to trusted, once this is done can anyone confirm if it is safe to copy the trusted image to dom0?

It is. I prefer to use the “full screen and screenshot” method, since
this is entirely within dom0.
There’s also qvm-get-image which will convert to trusted and copy to


Wow. How is this not documented anywhere?

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Wow. How is this not documented anywhere?

Just to blow your mind, you can convert files automatically by
specifying format, and
qvm-get-tinted-image will (obviously) tint the image for you as well.
Good if you need a red wallpaper, for example.

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Never heard of either of these!

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Mindblown. This absolutely needs to go into the docs. Otherwise they go unused. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll subscribe the commit’s rss feed not to miss anything. Haha.

Does anyone know how to change the window title font color? If I go to System Tools → Window Manager I can change the font and size, but not color.
On Qubes R4.0, the window title font was white. After upgrading to R4.1, it is black (except dom0 windows). The black is harder to read and looks ugly.
This doesn’t work, the colors seems to be hardcoded.

How to change window title color of untrusted (red) qubes?

I got similar problem, it only works on Dom0, but not on other DomUs unless the color label is black.

There is an issue about it:

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A note for people who prefer the standard menu over the whisker menu:
In Qubes R4.1, I just tried to set the “windows key” to pop-up the menu.
When searching for instructions, I found that the shortcut should be:
Instead of:
However, that did not work for me. When I did that, it opened the same menu that you get when you right-click on the desktop. That menu does have the list of applications in the bottom item, however, that is of course an extra step and it doesn’t open in the location of the Q menu button.

Does work however. It is the same command, not sure why it behaves differently when you add the file path though.


Window title font is white again instead of black :smiley:

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