Denied: qubes.InputKeyboard - error

I have just installed the latest qubes on a Lenovo x-230… When the laptop boots up and sys-usb starts (this has its own issues that I will ask about elsewhere) it initially asks me if I want to attach a usb mouse that I have which I ok, but then I get:

        ***Denied:  qubes.InputKeyboard from sys-usb to Dom0***

I have done a pretty thorough search and cannot find a solution to get rid of this. I do not have anything attached to the laptop just the usb mouse which it finds ok yet I get this keyboard error. The laptop keyboard works fine so its not affecting anything.

Can anyone please point to a solution to get rid of this?

Check the bit about qubes.InputKeyboard

There is also a chance that your USB mouse might be declaring itself as a USB keyboard as well…

This is increasingly common.

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It might help to try to update all the templates and reboot if in journalctl errors on this are about qrexec, but most probably is what others said.

Thank you very much for that. The problem appears to have been solved by adding sys-usb dom0 allow as suggested.

Now I will post separately to see if I can get some help with sys-usb itself.