Dell XPS 9520 (4.1)



  • video
  • audio
  • camera
  • wifi
  • dell dock

Not working:

  • qvm-pci (VM devices tab greyed out)
  • Suspend (can suspend, won’t wake)

Not tested:

  • bluetooth
  • sd card reader


Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-XPS_15_9520-20231016-124432.yml (797 Bytes)

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A fix has been merged for 4.2. Currently in testing repo (shouldn’t be long to reach the stable repo).
Don’t know if it will be applied to 4.1 (for now, it’s not in 4.1 current-testing)

Related github issue:
Listing PCI devices breaks when there is some with non-0000 PCI domain #6932

Related forum post:

From the pull request:
Ignore PCI devices on non-0000 domain instead of crashing #560

This is a quick band-aid to unbreak Qubes on systems having such device.
Later change should implement handling them properly instead of ignoring.

As you have 4.1 and the fix is not in this version (don’t know if it will, probably yes), either apply the fix from the forum post (link above) or directly from the commit:

the file in dom0 is there:

Thank you @yerill for your HCL report, which is online now!

@yerill , Can you please say something regarding discrete GPU: do you use it/does it work at all? any issues with it? does it work all the time or is there any mechanism in place to handle the load between internal and discrete GPUs?

Thanks. Since I have a workaround using a usb-c nic, I think I’ll wait for 4.2.

I’ve not tried to use the discrete GPU.

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