Custom reconfigured debian template

Can i build a template (maybe SELKS 7.0) in template debian ?Thank you to all who responded

You cannot build a template inside a template.
You can build a distro AS a template.

I’m not quite clear what you are asking.
If you want to create a new template, then you can clone the Debian
template to new, add whatever repositories are required in the new
template, and update/upgrade to get to the new template.
The most important thing is to pin the Qubes packages, so they are not
removed as you install other packages.

If you look at the script, then you may be able to
adapt that.
Or you can install docker SELKS in a standalone, and copy the repos/installed
packages and configs across to your template.

There really isn’t enough documentation to make it easy for you to do
this. If you succeed then Stamus might be glad of a HOWTO guide.