Cursor doesn't move when installing Qubes on Librem 14

I’m trying to instal Qubes on a new Librem 14 and the cursor won’t move allowing me to select my language.

Hi @OhRight

I don’t have any particular insights on the Librem 14, but let me ask a few questions to help others help you:

  • Which version of Qubes OS are you installing?
  • Are you using the touchpad?
  • Have you tried using another mouse? (It’s ok if you haven’t!)
  • Can you select a language using the keyboard? (example: pressing the TAB key to move the selection)

I suppose you’ve seen this hardware compatibility list (HCL) entry:

The person who submitted it doesn’t mention any issues with the touchpad, so at least it’s not a known issue. …and that’s as far as I can help with the Librem 14! Hopefully someone else can help you further :slightly_smiling_face:

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(I edited the title in order to make it more specific and easier to find for people with similar issues. Feel free to change it back if you don’t think it’s adequate @OhRight.)

I’m trying to install the latest version of Qubes using a touchpad.

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Used a mouse and the installation went smoothly. Qubes is running flawlessly on my Librem 14.

Good to hear! Thank you for reporting back @OhRight!

Does the touchpad work now that the installation is complete?

Yes the touchpad is fine. Thanks for your help.

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