Create and using USB Qube

Hello, i have some problems with the guide,

When i want to add some devices to my usb qube and restart then it shows a error message…
Error Message:“Unable to reset PCI Device…no FLR, PM reset or bus reset available”.

Can somebody help me pls.
Best regards,

Check this document:

i dont have cloned pci devices, i have add all usb controller to my usb qube, no one qube has this usb controller in devices manager…

It seems that your USB controller doesn’t support reset:

I want to use yubikey and ledger nano s and x on my client with keyboard and mouse.

Read the link that I’ve attached in previous post. You need to add no-strict-reset=true option to your USB controller in PCI passthrough config.

ok, i get a syntax error: unexpect token `newline’ after enter this command:

qvm-pci attach --persistent --option no-strict-reset=true usbVM dom0:<BDF>

Just configure it in GUI:

You can also configure strict reset directly from the Qubes interface by following these steps:
1. Go to the sys-usb Qubes Settings
2. Go to Devices
3. Make sure the device is in the right field
4. Click “Configure strict reset for PCI devices”
5. Select the device, click OK and apply

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Thanks man, i can start my usb qube now and i show me some usb devices, but i dont see my keyboard, mouse and more. i can just see my webcam device, broadcom and 8087_07da
What is 8087_87da?
I dont see nothing with “lsusb”

Nvm Bro i forgot a USB Controller.