Create a Gaming HVM

Well that’s the funny thing : it’s ok they are showing in dom0, but the VGA part was showing (an is stil lshowing) with nouveau driver when I actually blacklisted it :astonished:

I removed the pci-hide from Grub, but still, nouveau is supposed to be blacklisted and… it seems it still somehow ‘captured’ by the Nvidia card before it is actually blacklisted… Although, a grep nouveau with the dmesg doesn’t show anything…

And the BIOS of my laptop contains so few information, even the ctrl+s doesn’t show much more and noting on about the graphic cards…

Not sure how it plays between the Bios, Qubes and the Hardware… My luck is it works, but I understand it could be very frustrating since there doesn’t seem to be a ‘root cause’/ reason for this to work… Or not…

Yeah, it is an HVM. Otherwise I would not be able to pass PCI devices in the first place. I should have been more specific)

I’ve been experimenting trying to play games with EAC Easy Anticheat. So far I tried editing my libvirt Custom libvirt config — core-admin mm_77002192-0-g7700219-dirty documentation xml according to the vrchat peoples guide Using VRChat in a Virtual Machine
no such luck yet, and CPU-Z still correctly infers I am in Xen. I think it might have something to do with a “leaflet” that I don’t understand at all.

I think a good next step is to get swtpm working

Welp, adding <feature name='hypervisor' policy='disable'/> under cpu
and changing smbios to “host” and adding <kvm> <hidden state='on'> </kvm> after smbios in addition to what I did above was enough to get marvel rivals working, time to get banned.

Disclaimer: I am not cheating, I dont really care if you cheat but when you get caught cheating you give lazy anti cheat developers a datapoint to sell to lazy game developers that ultimately make things like gaming on linux or a vm much harder

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