Correct place to install Erlang/Elixir

I’ve installed Erlang/Elixir in a template qube using asdf. The path is referenced in ~/.bashrc.
In the template erl -v & elixir -v show as installed as expected.
It appears that they are installing in /home/user/. As a result they aren’t recognized in the AppVm.

Where/how is the correct way to install in a template?

Where are the main executables located? If the installer extracts the majority of files to /home , /usr/local , or /rw, then you should install it in a App VM, instead of a Template VM.

Yes, but isn’t it more secure to install in a template and force the install in a template directory?

You can install in /etc/skel, and adjust the .bashrc there to
match the intended destination.

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