Copying files from Dom0 to VM Fails (No such file or directory)

Hey all, I’m trying to copy audio files from a cd I’ve burnt onto dom0 into a vm, but when I try to use the ‘qvm-copy-to-vm’ command, by using the command as such:
“qvm-copy-to-vm personal /home/user/Music/Track1 .wav” it just throws an error which states:
‘qfile-dom-agent: stat Event’ (error type: No such file or directory’
Not entirely sure where I’m going wrong here

You should use the qvm-run command with the --pass-io option.

In dom0, run:

cat [path/to/myAudioFile.wav] | qvm-run --pass-io personal ‘cat > myAudioFile.wav’

replacing the [path/to/myAudioFile.wav] by the audio file path in dom0.

Be sure to check the path existence first.

Why wouldn’t qvm-copy-to-vm work? I’ve been doing that many times for copying screenshots to appvm’s.

Yes, it works too.

The error comes from the fact that the file he’s trying to copy doesn’t exist. He must have made an error in the file path.

It’s odd to me because I’ve even tried copying the path word for word numerous times and even copying and pasting it but it’s still throwing the error strangely

In the example you gave /home/user/Music/Track1 .wav, you wrote a space between Track1 and .wav ? If that’s really the case, make sure you protected it. A protected version of the path you wrote would be /home/user/Music/Track1\ .wav . I would advise you not to put unnecessary spaces in your file names in the future.

If your path really exists, this command should print out “Hello World !”:

[[ -f /home/user/Music/Track1\ .wav ]] && echo Hello World !

If not, then the path doesn’t exist.


It’s probably the space. You need to escape the space with a \ like this Track1\ .wav

Worked a charm as soon as I did this, never felt so stupid not realising, thanks for your help!

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Yeah it was because I wasn’t escaping the space, but I completely forgot to, cheers for your help wouldn’t have figured it otherwise

No worries! Happens to all of us. Sometimes we just need another set of eyes!

And it may be that someone in the future does a similar mistake and your post here will help them.