Copy & Paste config wiped out


Having an issue with copying and pasting between qubes. Had previously setup keyboard with non-default keys for this but the config appears to have been wiped out. Trying to re-create this config.

Thank you

Perhaps you have the same problem I am noticing - config is not wiped out but it just stops working after a certain period. Has happened to me twice so far and seems to be after about 10^6 CPU seconds on dom0, for me 6-8 weeks without a restart. The devs will never see it since they restart much more frequently. I have not reported yet since dom0 is always not up to date by the time it happens. Waiting for the 3rd time now and R4.0 is not changing much now, so it could be real:
When broken xev shows the complete key sequence on dom0, however the last key is stolen, as expected, by dom0 and is not passed to a domU and dom0 does nothing with it. I changed the sequence in /etc/qubes/guid.conf and the problem moved as expected. Currently I am not in the broken state so cannot run any tests.