Copy and Paste

Realizing I am having following directions I go the Qubes documentation how to copy and paste, but strictly following those directions does not work I have to copy with the mouse and paste with the mouse. ctrl+c and ctrl+v do not work.
When I copy with the mouse then ctrl+shift+c then ctrl+shift+v and paste with the mouse it works.
I think I would like for the process to work the way the documentations says so the next time I have a stupi moment I can follow the directions.

Did you try Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in different qubes (maybe based on different templates) and in different apps (browser/text editor)?
Does it work in dom0?

Yes it works with dom0, also from a terminal in one qube to Telegram in another qube. So it seems to be consistent.

Are you trying to copy from terminal with Ctrl+C?
Ctrl+C shortcut is used in terminal as a shortcut key for sending the interrupt (terminate) signal SIGINT to the current process running in the foreground.
You can copy/paste in terminal with Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins.

I can copy and paste in the terminal with the mouse. Keyboard not needed.
What key is Ins?

what terminal emulator are you using? are you using xterm?

Ins is Insert key.
So except for copy/paste from/to terminal do you have a problem with other apps?

I use Xfce and Gnome terminals.

No right now I just copied and pasted from my browser to libreoffice writer using the normal commands.

It appears that as usual I did not read far enough, my issues are with coping pasting to and from terminals and or apps and terminals.

I’ve been trying to copy a text I select from xterm in a Debian minimal, and have failed so far to find a solution for copying.

I tried Ctrl+Ins, Ctrl+LeftClick menu, Ctrl+RightClick menu, Middle mouse button, etc. And I haven’t figured it out.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks!

After some research and digging in on this forum, I found the solution.

I added this line:
*selectToClipboard: true
at the end of this file /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm
in the debian-11-minimal template, using the nano editor.

And now selecting automatically copies the selected text.

Alternate solution: I’ve found that right mousing after selecting the text can give you a “Copy” command in the popup menu. That copies to clipboard; then you can do the shift-control-C to get it into the inter-qube clipboard. On the other end (after shift-control-V), you can pop up the menu the same way and select paste.

I agree it’s a bit wonky, but terminals are a special case.