Continuing loss of sound

Have been having loss of sound problems for a few days now. A reboot of the system usually fixes the problem for the short term. Then as often as not the sound is disabled again within a few hours. I’m thinking that an update may have broken the sound reliability. Qubes 4.1 with all available updates done to dom0, my fedora vpn VM and all of the debian 11 based working VMs. As soon as I see an available update in the top menu, I usually update all available VMs as well as the listed VM(s). Desktop computer with external speakers.
Following another thread on the forum, I tried downgrading my dom0 kernel to a previous one, with the same ultimate result of sound problems. Then from the official documentation I used the command
sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-unstable kernel-qubes-vm


to upgrade to the latest kernel, in case there was a new fix, which might solve the problem. This has made no change in results.
My present kernel is, 5.15.52-1.fc32
My other two recent kernels listed in Global Settings are 5.10.109-1.fc32 and 5.10.112-1.fc32
I haven’t tried anything else yet, such as reinstalling Pulse Audio or playing with it’s settings, as I’d just be making stabs in the dark at this point.

Made a workaround. I have always made a policy of reloading my linux installations from scratch at least once a year in the past. So I just replaced my 4.1 with 4.1.1 and sound is working again. Files copied into new VMs from old backed up VMs, which still didn’t have sound. Just a few touchups and all will be fine. So the cause of my sound problems is now academic.