Connect to public WiFi with term sign in

What is the way to connect to public wifi when a sign in or terms of condition check is required?

On mobile devices I get the browser page directly. On Qubes I cannot get it working with a displ VM (directly connected firewall > net; no VPN).

Try connecting to from a non-tor browser.

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Not sure where you are in sign in process.

Upper right hand side, the red two terminals, click there, choose the connection you want. Like “Over Priced Coffees”

Perhaps. Start Firefox in a disp Qube. In the address bar, type in; which is the address for the DNS, Cloud Flare.

Some public WiFi, as you have noticed, want to use a Pop-up to allow access to a webpage, which some call a Garden Wall. Usually has a message, that the internet is unsafe, and the provider of the Public WiFi can not guarantee safe use of internet. (Surprise) One thing most of these Public WiFi sites will do, gather information of where you go on the internet, which topics you are interested in. That information is for them to sell. Surveillance Capitalism.

This is the right thing to do, but you have not said in what way you
“cannot get it working”.
The disposable should be connected to sys-firewall (or sys-net), with no
VPN or Tor connection. (Other replies have not said this explicitly).
The browser in that disposable should then prompt you for sign in/TOC -
on some connections you have to keep that browser window open while
using other qubes.

If this does not work for you, can you explain why?

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Somehow my Firefox in a displ AppVM doesn’t work but I could simple create a temporary ‘my-new-qube’ and this one was able to route me to the login page.

Anyways, I need to further investigate this since both AppVMs should use the some connection > firewall > sys-net.

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