Conky qubes IP


I want to ask if anybody can help me If IT IS possible to Show the IP of a specific qubes in conky.


I know how the relevant X11 pieces and a script run to output somewhere in conky would fit.

Thank can you write me an example to try it in the conky config

@ceomi I would say find which x11 tool can query what window is in focus, then find how to query what IP address a qube has, then find how to feed the output of a script to conky for conky to display.

You can get the IP list of all the qubes using qvm-ls -n, you could use the line you want from Conky to display the IP

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How would that look like because I am running my one written conky script and this is working already on boot the only point is I want to see the public IP on each qube

Pretty cool, thanks!

Do you know a way to display the CPU consumption of differents VMs directly on Dom0 desktop? It could be nice to see the consumptions without going through “Qubes domains” in the notification bar…

You could use xentop in the terminal.

Thanks, but i think i must use “sed” command to see it in a conky right? :confused: I’m not sure i could do it lol. I’ll work about that but it’s not winning!

I’m not familiar with conky, but here is a command to extract some information from xentop

xentop -b -i 1 | awk '{ print $1";"$4";"$6 }'

It displays the qube name, the CPU % usage and the memory usage in %. You could just change/add columns by modifying the variables in the print :slight_smile:

oh thanks you very much @solene ! I will try it this week and, if it match, i will make a conky’s config here :slight_smile:

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Finally, the conky really indicates ALL the information I wanted and more! Thanks for this work. We just have to configure it according to our needs and desire!