Command to install specific kernel - edge case

I need to Install kernel 6.0.7 in Dom0 (Qubes 4.1)

The package exists

but won’t install when I run

sudo qubes-dom-update --releasever=4.1 --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-currrent-testing kernel-latest-6.0.7

“unable to find a match”

I pulled it manually, moved to dom0 and ran dnf install, but would like to do it the proper way.

Also is there a one-liner to then set this kernel as the default (without needing to edit a text file by hand as I need to automate)

Also would be good to know the qubes-dom0-update equivalent of Debian’s apt pinning so the dom0 kernel doesn’t ever get updated (to a version which breaks suspend, as the latest does)

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