Clipboard issue still

So working my qubes-os in KeePasaXC. I have followed what Sven has told me to copy/paste from KeePassXC. Works fine BUT for some reason when i select what i need to copy in KeePassXC and select target windows where i need to paste it will paste the previous thing copy from KeePassXC. Soi have to delete what was pasted “the first thing copied” and right mouse then paste and it works.
So for some reason something isn’t clearing clipboard or the handshack isn’t following through with new content copied into target
This is why i asked how can i clear clipboard manually

I have never seen this.

What I think you are saying:

  1. Ctrl+C in KeepassXC

  2. Ctrl+Shift+C

  3. Select Target qube

  4. Ctrl+Shift+V

  5. Ctrl+V

  6. Ctrl+C in KeepassXC

  7. Ctrl+Shift+C

  8. Select Target qube

  9. Ctrl+Shift+V

  10. Ctrl+V

  11. Select Vault

  12. Ctrl+C in KeepassXC

  13. Ctrl+Shift+C

  14. Select Target qube

  15. Ctrl+Shift+V

  16. Ctrl+V - Pastes material from 1

  17. Ctrl+V - Pastes material from 7

If this is what you mean it would be a major bug - the problem is that
I dont see how it is possible.
Can you confirm that I have understood you properly?
If not please set out exactly the steps that you take, as I have done.

Please take this slowly, and step by step watch exactly what is
You should see a popup telling you that the clipboard has been cleared
after steps 4 and 10, for example.

Hey unman, here is what i do…

In KeePassXC I…

1.) Highlight what i want to copy in KeePassXC.
2.) Ctrl+C in KeepassXC
3.) Ctrl+Shift+C
4.) Select “target cube” and put cursor where i need it
5.) Ctrl+V
6.) Ctrl+Shift+V

Now sometime for whatever reason it will repaste the first thing i copied and not what i just copied. So i have to delete that BUT after deleting if i right click mouse, it will paste what i just copied for KeePassXC.

So something is going on as i can reproduce this many times. In fact i will go back to KeePassXC and do the above and produce the same result. So i just right and paste. It’s very fustrating…

You have to do 6.) before 5.)

6 before 5


6 before 5

Can you clarify please?

a) It was a mistake in your post (You do Ctrl+Shift+V before Ctrl+V and
see the issue anyway)

b) You actually had the order wrong and now that you do it right, your
issue is gone?

I think there are 3 possibilities that would produce the errant results that was originally described.

  1. If copy steps 2 & 3 were accidentally reversed the second time. This would potentially even permit accidentally pasting the wrong pw into the wrong vm if the target vm had changed.

  2. Or the second Ctrl-shift-v keystroke didn’t actually register during the second paste. The target vm’s previous pw would just be recycled and pasted a second time. The target vm would need to be the same for this to happen.

  3. Or in the wrong order keys used during the second paste. If this is the case the old pw would be pasted before all the keystrokes were even completed. The target vm would need to be the same for this to happen.

@Sven Sven, i’ll let you know tommorrow

@slcoleman, I’m feeling option 2 because this happens quit a bit.

Of course, there are notifications to tell you that data has been
copied to the Qubes clipboard, and then copied to the target qube,
and the clipboard emptied.
If you don’t get these, you know something has gone wrong.

@Sven, yeah i had them confused and i have not had a issue since. Thanks everyone

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