Checking RAM

Is there a way to check the amount of installed/usable RAM?

I tried sudo dmidecode --type 17

Show both 16GB sticks. the manufacturer id, etc is unknown. using 2 x 16GB Corsair vengeance RGB pro DDR4 DRAM 3600mhz C18.

How about xentop ?

thanks. I have another question. not sure if it’s okay to ask here. I recently upgraded my ram to 32gb 2x16gb corsair pro 3600mhz cl18. It’s only showing 1 of the 2. I tried moving them around in different slots, didn’t work. Enabled XMP, same thing. I booted a windows drive and it showed 32gb with 16 usable. I also added my old ram, it detects it with the new ram also installed. I’m not sure if my memory is bad, or the qubes install. I did recently update to 4.1 That was before I bought the new ram.

When i added the old ram, The windows boot showed 48gb, with 29gb usable.

Try to boot with only one ram stick and try both of them in the same slot to see if they work separately.

They need to be in the correct slots, most likely 0 and 2, you should check the manual.

Check the bios settings, maybe try and reset to factory defaults. If you have done any optimization (automatically or manually) it might not work if you replace the ram.

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qubes-hcl-report | grep RAM

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