Cat /etc/fedora-release - What to do if wrong version?

In the docs: In-place upgrade of Fedora TemplateVMs | Qubes OS - This guide is designed to help upgrading to a new version of a VM template (e.g. Fedora), such as upgrading from fedora-32 to fedora-33. When the repository upgrade process fails - one check is follow this instruction:
Check that you are on the correct (new) Fedora release.
[user@fedora- ~]$ cat /etc/fedora-release

On check in the new version terminal - in this case user@fedora-33 using cli above the results is: 32. What is a newbie supposed to do to get “on the correct (new) Fedora release” as instructed? This kind of instruction leaves the newbie hanging in space. I could not find an answer in the docs or using a search engine. Maybe there exists instructions to do that - “on the correct…version,” but why is this so hard to find? If it is something so obvious, then there ought to be an easy way to access the steps required to get on it. It really is better to include those steps either close to that specific check or put some kind of footnote navigation near there or a link to a source.

that means you did not upgrade the template yet. (maybe confusion after cloning, upgraded ome to fedora-33 and using the one with original fedora-32?)

Perhaps, the check-version instruction is in the wrong place (number) in the upgrade doc. It looks like the check is supposed to help get the right conditions or recipe or config so that the clone can get the files from the repository to upgrade the clone. What you seem to be saying is that the check only verifies an upgraded clone.

the check version instruction is just to remind you to verify if what you are doing is what you think you are doing.

OK got it thanks. I wonder how many others like me will make the same mistake?

In other words, you picked the expert option instead of the newbie option.

I guess I’ll add an alert at the top of indicating that it’s intended for advanced users. Maybe that’ll help.

Why not make the check instruction clearer as to purpose? It is not an instruction to further troubleshoot repository download problems. It is a test to see if user@fedora-new has successfully become fedora-new and not still fedora-old. I recommend an additional sentence to make this clearer:

Check that you are on the correct (new) Fedora release. Do this check only after completing the download-installation phase of clone conversion from old to new.

Please feel free to submit a PR.