Can't Start sys-usb to even backup since thin pool is full :-(

I get an error:

Cannot create new thin volume, free space in thin pool qubes_dom0/vm-pool reached threshold

in terminal i type:
sudo su
swapoff -a
lvresize -L -200 qubes_dom0/swap
It asks me if Im sure I want to do this, I say yes
lvextend --poolmetsadatasize +100M qubes_dom0/pool00

it says Logical volume pool00 not found in volume group qubes_dom0

I tyoe grep locking_type /etc/lvm/lvm.conf | grep -v ‘4’
it says #locking_type 1 viz. local file-based locking


I’m just want to backup everything and reinstall. I need to go to Whonix16 anyway. I only need to get sys-usb running so I can back up. If theres a workaround to attach a usb drive without sys-usb, that’s good too. I backed up 2 weeks ago so this is not the end of the world but really annoying.

I have space left on the drive, its just the vm thin pool.

You can try to boot the USB VM with some iso (Qube manager right click second tab or just insert a USB stick with a live distribution). I use Parrot live (give it 2-4 GB memory) but Tails also works. You can try to give it more SSD Drive or delete other VMs.

If you have an empty SATA and an extra large SSD drive it helps with all kind of things including backups. Don’t use it online!