Can't start any qvm's!

I was updating my dom0 when, part way through the update it suddenly rebooted.
I logged back and now I can’t start any qvm’s.
All I get is:
“internal error: libxenlight failed to create new domain”
No matter what vm I try to run the error is the same.(dom0 seems to work just fine)

I am running qubes os 4.1
I’ve tried changing the kernel but that doesn’t help

The libxl-driver.log posts:

“libxl_domain.c:1664:libxl__get_domid: failed to get own domid (domid)
libxl_device.c:1183:device_hotplug: Domain #:Failed to get domid” x4
“libxl_create.c:1686:domcreate_launch_dm: Domain #:unable to add disk devices”
“libxl_domain.c:1664:libxl__get_domid: failed to get own domid (domid)
libxl_device.c:977:libxl__initiate_device_generic_remove: Domain #:unable to get my domid
libxl_domain.c:1664:libxl__get_domid: failed to get own domid (domid)” x4
“libxl_domain.c:1553:devices_destroy_cb: Domain #:libxl__devices_destroy failed”