Can't reboot Qubes after installation Windows 10

I have been attempting to install Qubes on a USB stick using 2 of them with one acting as the installation medium and the other being the hard drive to store Qubes…Upon selecting target destination and creating a user I wait for it to load and when I press reboot to get to the next step a black screen appears which says “terminated” (at this point I was instructed to remove the installation usb stick) I do that and then my computer boots up as normal I have tried going back to my BIOS and running it again from the usb drive with the usb stick in and it just boots like normally with no qubes… having a lot of trouble with this and getting very frustrated if anyone knew a good solution or idea please

have you set boot order priority to usb ? so usb is booted first instead of windows.

Yes I have, the problem I’m having occurs after that when I finish installing and create a user ID and all that and when I press ‘reboot’ it should bring up the next phase of the installation but the screen goes black and reboots normally and does not seem to recognize the usb i just installed it on

are you use bios / uefi ?
if uefi have you consider rebuilding boot entry ?