Can't launch inside dispvm instances in new app menu

The announcement for the new application menu (which is very nice) stated:

In order to make the use of disposable qubes more conveniently, now programs can be started in a running disposable qube from the menu. It works just like any other qube. There’s only one limitation: If the qube was started for a program (which is usually the case), it will shut down when that first program is closed.

This sounds like a great feature because I use dispvms a ton and have long wished for this.

But when I select a running dispvm instance in the new app menu, it does not show any available applications at all. For example I have one called “dvm-web” where I do most of my web browsing. The dvm-web menu contains firefox, files, terminal. But when I select a dispXXX menu for an instance based on dvm-web, it shows nothing in the app section (network indicator still there, Settings, Shut down Qube, pause Qube). (I could understand if Firefox was hidden, as this is open, but the other two will not show. And the same for dvms with additional apps in the menu.)

Maybe I misunderstand this feature, or it is work-in-progress / forthcoming? Thanks for any guidance.

It should work already. Does the issue apply to all dispvm instances, or only those started from dvm-web?

I have the same issue with the two others I tested (just reconfirmed). For example, dvm-media has various (~5) tools for ripping / encoding media in its app list, but there are no items shown in the instance app list, same for another called dvm-print which has Firefox, LibreWriter, Files, Terminal in app list.

I would send a screenshot but can’t seem to screenshot the menu (disappears when I press the keys).

I missed announcement about this great feature. I’m running Qubes 4.1 updated to stable since early 4.1 betas, but I don’t even have dispxxx entries in the new or any other app menu when started and running?

So, I still use Qube Manager → Run command in qube (dispxxx) to start additional programs inside the same disposable qube. Although, running multiple programs inside single qube isn’t the best security treat…

The new app menu is in testing and must be installed separately:

Although it is referred to in that post as the “new Qubes application menu,” I should perhaps call it the “experimental application menu” for clarity :slight_smile:

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For me, the new menu of the dispvm shows just those entries defined for the correspondig dispvm template. I always start the menu with the qualifier --restart - maybe that helps?

I did try adding --restart (along with --page=1 , an option I just discovered) but did not help, still have a blank menu on the instances. Curious that it works for some folks. I wonder if I’m missing some install.

This helps definitely. Thanks! The only drawback is that the menu will not refresh itself upon dispVM shutdown, or starting new one meanwhile, so this has to be executed whenever new dispVM opens/shuts down.