Can't find Qubes PGP master key in Debian keyring


In order to verify the Qubes installer ISO, I need to obtain an authentic Qubes master public key. I followed instructions at Verifying signatures | Qubes OS and, as I’m a Debian user, I wish to use the Qubes public key that may be included in the Debian keyring. How can I find this key in the Debian Keyring ? I already have the package debian-keyring installed.

Thank you

Hi @Hannah,

The debian-keyring contains the keys from the Debian project, you will not find the Qubes ones there. You have to fetch them using one of the methods explained on the page you linked.

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Hi @yann,

Thank you for your answer. I thought that because the instructions at the page I linked say :

If you’re on Debian, it (the QMSK) may already be included in your keyring
On Debian, your keyring may already contain the necessary keys.

I will fetch key using another method.