Cant connect to the internet without TOR

when i try to open any website in any cube connected to sys-firewall (which is connected to sys-net) it is loading for a while and then an error, that the site is not reachable occures.
if i connect the same cube to my sys-whonix cube i can open every website.
i have reinstalled the whole system twice, but it didn’t change anything.
does anybody know what can cause this issue?
sry for my bad english


maybe your network is filtering all connections, and Tor allows you to bypass the restrictions?

Do you have other devices on that network, do they connect to the Internet well?

thank you, didn’t have other devices connected to that network, i tried with another device and have the same issue there so i think there is something wrong with my Network…

Probably DNS issues, are you using your DNS server on router? Or you disabled this and are you using like etc? QubesOS will be probably configured to use your router as DNS server but there is no DNS service listening. Thats a reason why it works with TOR because TOR handle DNS differently. Try to change your DNS settings.