Can't attach /dev/ACM0

I have an Arduino MKRWAN-1300 that attaches to Linux as /dev/ACM0. Checking dom0 shows that it is there. It works fine in Ubuntu (not a Qubes vm). However, I can’t attach it to a vm. I suspect that Qubes may not support this device a this time, but could you either confirm that for me or explain how to attach this device? I am using Qubes 4.0.
Bob Druce

How are you trying to attach the device now? With the GUI or with qvm-block attach?

I tried using the GUI and it wasn’t listed. I didn’t try qvm-block because I assumed that it was for block devices. Should I try that and can you give me an example if so?



I should’ve said qvm-usb (if the Arduino is connected by USB), not qvm-block. Probably out of habit since I constantly attach and detach stuff with it. Documentation for qvm-device (is it up to date?) (qvm-block , qvm-usb and qvm-pci are just aliases for qvm-device block , qvm-device usb and qvm-device pci respectively.). I would just try to attach it from dom0 with qvm-usb, but I haven’t used it much and can’t provide more info.