Cannot reply by email


Apparently I cannot reply by email. This is odd because I was able to do so by the past. Also I receive the mail I send from the forum to my Inbox ! But they does not show in the forum…

Look’s like I am tagged as Spam or a but on discourse ?
For record, one my latest reply was on
Re: [Qubes Forum] [OS surUSB]Tout est beau, tout est gentil, tout est bien et… PATATRA [In your language/Français (French)]


Could it be that this happened during the email outtage? I have no logs of ever having received an email from your to the forum this year. Outage thread:

I wasn’t thinking so since Unman was able to communicate from its MUA during the outage.
I think this is confirmed by the fact that I tried again today to reply to this thread but the mail is not shown.

Again after sending the mail, I received the copy in my inbox, but upon looking more closely this is only a GCC from the original one : I cannot say the forum received my mail or not.

So I cannot say if my mail is filtered before reaching the forum or by the forum scoring, but the fact that you say you have no log ever of receiving them may indicate the issue is upper in the stack than the forum …

That could be the case. The last incoming email we’ve got from you is from Apr 8, '22 and your bounce score is zero which is perfect.

It may be something inbetween.

Are we sure that my mails does not reach the Discourse stack at all ? If yes, what could be blocking my mails ?

If not, and I understand correctly Discourse setup containers and one is allocated to mail-receiving.

Can/Have you look into the logs/mailq of the container to see I there was any occurrence of my mail address ?
Could my address match a bad domain in /var/discourse/shared/mail-receiver/etc/sender_access ?

I know I can send emails to other recipients and that I do not receive notifications of delivery failure from the forum.

We use a hosting provider so we don’t have that low level access you’re asking. To investigate this further, I’ll have to file a ticket with the hosting company. Please forward me one of the emails you sent to deeplower [at]