Cancel buttom does not work while backing up qubes

Qubes OS version:

Qubes release 4.1

Everything is up to date

Are you using any testing repositories? If so, please list them AND where they are enabled (i.e., dom0, template, or standalone).


Affected component(s):

Backup Qubes

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

→ With the interface, start backing up some qubes
→ Click on the cancel buttom

Expected behavior:

Cancel the process of backup up qubes

Actual behavior:

Qubes manager and the backup window get frozen for ever with this error showing up once in journalctl :

Jul 09 19:48:03 dom0 qubesd[3160]: Future exception was never retrieved
Jul 09 19:48:03 dom0 qubesd[3160]: future:
Jul 09 19:48:03 dom0 qubesd[3160]: BrokenPipeError

General notes:

Is this the same bug?

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Ah I didn’t looked at 4.0 bugs on github, yes its indeed the same bug :+1:

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