Can we standardize test procedure of hardwares?

Many people are afraid of new hardwares that haven’t been used successfully by others before won’t work with Qubes OS out of the box. But there aren’t many successful examples with latest hardwares due to few Qubes OS users and most of community recommend hardwares are old.
We can pay PC builders or laptop merchants to test if we have a standardlized test procedure because they have many hardwares on their hands thus they can try to find approriate combination easier than normal people.

It’s unclear to me what you mean by standardize.
All you need to do to generate an HCL report is run a command in dom0, just ran one for the first time yesterday.

That’s what the certified hardware program is about. Unfortunately not many hardware vendors have shown interest so far. There have been several discussions in this forum and on the mailing list about this. A bit searching on your part will yield a lot of background and details about why the situation is how it is.

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Qubes-certified laptops are certified for a major release and regularly tested by the Qubes developers to ensure compatibility with all of Qubes’ features within that major release. The developers test all new updates within that major release to ensure that no regressions are introduced.

I want an online PC builder or laptop merchant or even a friend who isn’t familiar with Qubes OS like developers or heavy Qubes OS users, but know how to use Linux, to verify whether a combination of hardwares can work with Qubes OS.
It’s better if they can record a video like Youtber to let us verify.

Generate HCL report is the last step after you verifying Qubes OS can work with your hardwares. What I mean is to standarlize the verfication procedures.

The way this works in a community in general and this one in particular would be this:

  1. you create a first draft of what you imagine this procedure to be (like a checklist I imagine with instructions how to check each item)

  2. you post it in a new thread here under ‘General Discussion’

  3. other community members critique/extend/improve it

  4. when most of us feel it’s ready we can add it as an optional field to the community recommended computer list, where reporters can indicate that they followed a specific revision of this procedure

You have the ball :wink:

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I think so, the checklist can reference normal Linux system checklist and particular checklist of Qubes OS.