Can Qubes use RTX graphics card for output?


I’m looking at graphics cards and I like the RTX 3060, since it fits well in my small PC and supports 4 monitors, all of which I’m sure I’ll need on Qubes!

I’ve used Qubes for a long time now and plan on using it for my PC. Do you know if Qubes will work with my graphics card? I want Qubes to display across all 4 monitors so I can better see my VMs. Thanks!

Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work, a lot of people have reported difficulties getting the RTX 3060 to work.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is get something like the 1060, you can get one used for $100, and it works well with the nouveau driver. Another option is the AMD rx580, which also seems to have good support, and you can also get one used for around $100.

I’m currently using the 1060 with 3 monitors, without any issues, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with 4.

Generally speaking, buying a current gen graphics card is going to be a waste of money, you are probably never going to be able to use the GPU in a way that justify the cost.


Thanks for your response. I think I’m going to move over to a laptop instead of a PC.

I’ve taken a look through the forum and the HCL and it looks like the issues confronted by people who used RTX 3060 mobile laptops didn’t have to do with the RTX 3060 mobile and had more to do with other factors (sound card, wifi, etc).

Were the any particular posts made by past users that you felt highlighted issues with the 3060 mobile?

I wonder to if the 3060 will get support once it’s as old as the 1060. I have the luxury of being able to sit on this for a couple years if need be. Thanks!

The biggest issues with the nvidia cards was that the nvidia driver wasn’t open source, but they have recently open sourced their driver. It’s not been included in the mainline kernel yet, but that should happen in the “near” future. How well a card works depend on how well it’s supported by the nouveau driver, do to the official driver being closed source newer cards generally don’t have the best support.

If you are getting a laptop, try and get one that is confirmed to be working in the HCL, it’s not only the graphics card you need to worry about with laptops.

Thanks. Do you see a laptop by System76’s Gazelle (RTX 3060 and 11th gen i7 12700h) making it to the HCL in the next 2 years?

No clue, if I should guess I would say Yes is more likely than No.

I’m not sure when Qubes is, investing in graphics is wiser than first investing in best possible CPU… Looking at 4 monitors while Qubes is clogging with poor CPU isn’t such a treat for me…

And if I’m asked, at the moment that is i7-12800HX

Thanks. What coreboot and Qubes capable laptops can take the i7-12800HX?

None reported. obviously. I’d like to be the first one to report, though, but as far as I know, laptops with that CPU and decent price can be ordered only in the USA at moment.
I have no doubt that it would work sooner or later, so I’d be willing to wait to buy it and then to wait Qubes to be possible to be installed on. there’s nothing exotic about it, on the contrary.

I’m in the US, so that’s perfect for me. Do you know of any?

Wow, now that’s a laptop! Sadly, my purposes require 64 GB, which is a bit more than what’s offered. That said, it’s one beautiful machine!

Fortunately, it is customizable. You can add/replace later with 2x32GB and it would be without a doubt cheaper than to order it from the original seller. That is at least my plan. Actually, eventually to upgrade it to 2x64GB once such RAM banks are available, especially this CPU supports up to 128GB, which usually means even more than that, but at the moment there’s no such option.
I would never insist on RAM and storage. They’re almost always customizable.
Not to say you’d get 3060Ti and not common 3060 for this price

The only better option at the moment for me would be to ask System76 to offer me that laptop you mentioned but with this CPU, but price difference between that one and HP would be probably too big for my budget…

Do let me know if you have any luck with getting Qubes to run on such a machine. This could be the start of the Qubes gaming revolution!

Well, as I said, first I need to get that laptop somehow, since I’m residing out of USA, but will do someday…

I can help you out with that. What’s your email?

Edit: send me a message, that’s more private