Can Qubes protect user from backdoor, that resides in BIOS firmware and device driver?

I did not. Why would someone “in power” wasted her time with a “andom ordinary low profile person” unless the person thinks he’s important enough to attract attention of someone “in power”

wow, @unman, long time no see,
it feels like Spider man finally show up to the rescue,
while u think your life is about to end :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

how is it ? what’s your opinion about TempestSDR ?

the assumption, that the actor behind, could be someone in power,
comes only from the symptom i experience,

& doesn’t come from whether my profile is high or low,
therefore i don’t have any thought whether I am important or not.

hmm, did you randomly choosing the word “her” ?
or, maybe you know something, & try to tell me, the gender of the actor behind ?

hmm, do you mean that, we need to be a famous high profile,
in order to be targeted by abuse of power ? if it is, then what’s your reasoning behind ?

I don’t. I’m just cross-referencing your words.

Psychological, including evident denial fitting properly to the profile.

You don’t do anything to resolve your issue (as advised), but simply longing to be the victim. Or enjoying trolling this forum. There’s no third option anymore.

And if not, go find out who’s harassing you (as advised) but not chit chatting about pieces of iron and silicon. If someone is after you, she will be after you in a zillion other ways once you establish your digital fortress (and you won’t, ever).

Let’s face next dose of denial now.

What kind of community is this?

“I am @enmus and I admit, I am an alcoholic”?

This would be potentially deadly advice for some. The person seems smart enough to protect themselves though which is good if they truly are in danger.

I forget where I heard it but it was a story about a clever way to discover a spy which could apply here. You tell all the people you suspect of being a mole a slightly different story and then you will know who the mole is based on which story the enemy gets. Now that I think about it I believe it is an old soviet era spy craft story that may have been retold in game of thrones lol. It is a much older method than that and the person is right to keep it to themselves if opsec is truly that important to their threat model.
Someone could discover that one of the people they implemented was in fact the actual target while saying nothing could leave them wondering if they are are still at square one. Best not to confirm anything and leave them guessing.

Nobody and especially no nation state is going to go thru all this trouble to troll some kid.

So unless you are the child of some political official or your dad is the head of nuclear research for Iran, North Korea and some government agency has determined that trolling you into committing suicide would be gain some sort of national security advantage you are probably looking at some sort of keylogger or someone has put a camera over your PC and is recording you typing in your password and messing with you when you leave the house or go to sleep.

I would suggest you reinstall everything on your PC and use the keyboard and trackpad on your laptop and put blanket over yourself when you boot up and set new passwords.
Also be careful what you download and where.

If the stalking persists after that spend your time trying to figure out why someone would be going thru all the effort to troll you and consider asking your dad if he happens to be a secret agent or researcher at a clandestine nuclear lab or something like that.

Your story really only makes sense if someone has something to gain by your death or if you are missing a very simple vector of attack. If someone could get into your Qubes system that easily they would have far better things to do with their time than post your diary on social media.

Would you happen to be the son of a Chinese expat and maybe some petty Chinese official is trying to get revenge on your parents for some reason? Have a conversation with your parents if that is the case and contact the FBI if you are in the US or equivalent in whatever country you are in.

But honestly it is far more likely someone is messing with you and this is as simple as a keylogger or camera in the ceiling over your PC that is recording you typing in your passwords and breaking in when you are not home.

A clever person could record your Qubes password and break in once and install some screen sharing program and watch you after that. Maybe search your PC for Qubes web companion or whatever the Qubes screen sharing app is.

No offense but this sounds like it could be good old fashioned schizophrenia. Maybe consider seeking a psychiatrist to talk to and see if they think maybe your going thru paranoid delusions of grandeur or something along those lines. Honestly that is far more likely that nation state level attacks to troll a kid unless you fall into one of the categories I discuss above.

it seems like, some anonymous reader, are smart enough,
to understand, what my adversary, were / are trying to do,
which are actually, almost the same as, what i understand,
but still, only can be perceived as assumption, like below:

  • 1st, they want to have control & surveillance over me.
  • 2nd, they want to have control, over what people understand, about me.
  • 3rd, they were / are trying, to kill my character, with expectation,
    that i will be scared, and surrender myself, under their control.
  • 4th, they manipulate & provoke people, to stalk, spy, troll, & bully me,
    with expectation, to lead me into committing suicide,

maybe, that’s why, the short video app,
besides supplying me with “coincidence” content,
like what i have explained at previous posts,
also sometimes supplying me, with repeating content, about suicide.

imagine, how many time, energy, & resources, were / are being spent,
just because, they want to have control over me,

& how many time, energy, & resources, i have to spent,
in order to defense myself, from their action.

i believe that, people are supposed to serve each other,
instead of trying to control each other,

maybe that’s why, many war happen in the world,
maybe because, instead of serving each other,
people are trying to gain / have control over each other.

in my opinion, those things u said: nuclear, Iran, North Korea,
are more related to, the official / original purpose, of the official institution / organization,
which mostly are related to national security.

in my opinion, we need to differentiate,
between official institution / organization,
serving its official / original purpose,

and some corrupt actor / corrupt individual,
that are abusing their position & power,
to serve purposes, that are definitely,
out of its official / original purposes.

so, both are 2 different things,
& we don’t discuss the 1st one, but the 2nd one.

maybe some clarifications:

  • in my opinion, almost all countries, have their own nation states, or official “spy” institution.
  • when i mention the term “nation state”, or official “spy” institution,
    it doesn’t mean that it has to relate with any specific country,
    because it can be any country.
  • in my opinion, there are official collaboration, between these official “spy” institution,
    which also mean, some sharing of surveillance technology.
  • referring to some local news in my country, at least i know,
    that there is “secret / hidden entity” in my country,
    that possesses some surveillance technology & capability,
    but mostly are related to smart phone.
  • in my opinion, these official “spy” institution, has their own official / original purpose,
    which mostly are related to national security.
  • definitely, random low profile person, like me, is not qualified, to be targeted, by their official / original purpose.
  • but we don’t discuss about official institution & official purpose,
  • we discuss about the abuse of power, by corrupt actor, that are serving their personal purposes, for personal reason,
    out of the official purpose, of their official institution.
  • in my case, the assumption is, these corrupt actor, abusing their power, to help my adversary, to serve their personal purpose & reason.

I think you may be having delusions of grandeur or just don’t understand what I am saying.

Nobody is hacking the qubes OS to control some random person. I explained other easy ways people could be getting your info and those easy ways could be used to troll you.

The answer is that you should follow my advice and figure out how you are being hacked because if your just some random person with no significance to a nation state your qubes OS is absolutely not being hacked externally. If someone was capable of that they would almost certainly choose a better target like a movie star or public figure.

Good luck!

Oh, yeah. I had a very similar experience. In my case, I have no doubt it is a nation state law enforcement agency.

Yes, I understand exactly what you mean with the coincidences that never quite amount to proof.

In my experience Qubes is inadequate to protect against a nation state. They can apparently infect your BIOS remote with ease, which I am sure you understand the implications of.

see below

Umm, no.